One of the top priorities of the world is to connect each citizen. There are about 3.1 Billion unconnected people in the world of 7.6 Billion people. There is also need for fast speed and reliable connections. Wireless is one solution, but due to high speed and high content needs, world is giving emphasis on optical fiber and connected technology to reach fiber upto home. That is Called FTTH.

CMAI/TEMA the Asia’s largest association for ICT in association with other countries associations are interested to promote FTTH across Asia. CMAI/TEMA is planning to make India’s first FTTH council which will help in promoting the use of FTTH in every home. The Indian body will be called FTTH Council India. This will exchange studies, information and latest market developments in India.

CMAI is the main coordinated proficient enlisted Association in India for Mobiles, Telecom, ICT, Education, Cyber Security, Communications, Multimedia, Manufacturing Industries and Infrastructure Sector having in more than 48,500 members. It is a summit head body with more than 54 International and National MOU accomplices throughout the world.


Establish a network of members associated with promotion, development, manufacturing, trade bodies and implementation of FTTH.


As more than half of the population stays unconnected to the Internet today so it has become an absolute necessity to provide fibre to the home facility in every house. The acceleration of fiber to the home service will revolutionize the world digitally and economically.