This has been formed with following objectives:

• To provide a platform to develop & promote FTTH in India and Asia.

• To act as think tank for policy moderation related to manufacturing, distribution, deployment and uses of FTH in India and Asia.

• To organize seminars, conferences, workshop in relation to FTTH.

• To bring at one platform all the FTTH stakeholders, such as licensees, State/Central Government, manufacturers of optical fiber and accessories, technology providers for FTTH.

• To promote new innovations, start ups in FTTH area.

• To act as advisors to the local Governments interested in deployment of FTTH

• To assist the procurement agencies in speedy procurement of equipments and services for FTTH.

• To build a common IP based access infrastructure that shall cater to all the services of the end user

• A platform intended to be used for integrating data, voice & video services

• Primary source of Internet bandwidth for Corporate, Institutions, Government bodies, retail users and individual customers

• Capable of offering fully managed services to customers and meeting a wide range of customer requirements, including security, Quality of Service (QoS), and any-to-any connectivity

• To introduce such services as bandwidth on demand, Video on Demand, Interactive Video, IPTV (Both SDTV as well as HDTV), POTS, VoIP, leased circuits, VPN and any other services likely to be introduced in future

The FTTH Council India shall consist of following Board Members:

1. Shri Vikas Jain, Chairman, Micromax    Chairman
2. Shri Sunil Saini, Alphion    Director
3. Shri RK Upadhya, Former CMD BSNL…    Director
4. Shri Kuldeep Goyal, Former CMD BSNL    Director
5. Shri Anuj Srivastava, Former ED, MTNL    Director
6. Shri Rameshwar Singh, Former GM BSNL    Director
7. Prof NK Goyal, Chairman Emeritus TEMA    Director